July Classes


07/01-07/22-American Tango 103 6:00pm



07/02-07/09 & 07/23-07/30-Cumbia 104 6:00pm

07/02-07/23-Rumba 101 7:00pm

07/02-07/09 & 07/23-07/30-Bachata 103 7:00pm



07/03-07/24-Adult Ballet 6:00pm

07/03-07/24-Salsa 102 7:00pm

07/03-07/24-East Coast Swing 102 8:00pm

07/10-07/31-West Coast Swing 101 8:00pm



07/04-07/25-West Coast Swing 102 6:00pm

07/04-07/25-Country Two Step 103 6:00pm

07/04-07/25-Merengue 101 7:00pm

07/04-07/25-WCS: Baskets of Joy 208 7:00pm

June Classes


06/03-06/24-American Tango 102 6:00pm



06/04-06/25-Cumbia 103 6:00pm

06/04-06/25-Foxtrot 101 7:00pm

06/04-06/25-Bachata 102 7:00pm



06/05-06/26-Salsa 101 7:00pm

06/05-06/26-East Coast Swing 101 8:00pm

06/05-06/26-West Coast Swing 103 8:00pm



06/06-06/27-West Coast Swing 101 6:00pm

06/06-06/27-Country Two Step 102 6:00pm

06/06-06/27-West Coast Swing Sugar & Spice 205 7:00pm


06/08-06/29-Kids Creative Movement 9:00am

06/08-06/29-Kids Ballet/Tap 1 10:00am

06/08-06/29-Kids Ballet/Tap 2 11:00am

Explanation of Classes

Explanation of Classes

101+: For new and experienced dancers who know that good dancing always starts with a strong foundation.

201+/Titled Classes: These classes are a good fit for dancers who are ready to take a step up from the 100 level and focus on improving their technique while learning new patterns.

301+/Special Programs: These classes are a good fit for dancers who have completed our 100 level and some 200 level programs. It’s a more advanced class with a focus on partnership and technique as well as new patterns.


Series & Workshop Pricing:

  • Our 4-week series are designed to progressively build skill, and are $55, $50 if registered at least 2 days in advance.

  • Workshops are designed to quickly provide content on a drop-in basis, they are $15/hour, $12/hour if registered at least 2 days in advance.