Stephanie Honderich

Stephanie Honderich started dancing at the age of 18. After a long break, she returned to it in the summer of 2014. In 2015, she and Matt Smith established GoDance to start building a Ballroom and West Coast Swing community in Goshen. She teaches Ballroom and West Coast Swing (her particular specialty).

Stephanie is a karaoke junkie who’s lived on three continents, and participates in community theater. She’s also the owner of Giving Tree Massage.



Kevin Guy

Kevin Guy teaches all of the major Ballroom styles of dance and more; his specialty is teaching social Ballroom. He has been dancing since 1997 and started teaching more than 10 years ago. Kevin is also a professional DJ (check out Kevin’s DJ and Dance on Facebook).

Kevin volunteers each year for Marshall County’s Plymouth Dancing With The Stars event by dancing with at least 2 celebrities and DJing the after-party.



JD Nafziger

J.D. is one of GoDance’s newer instructors, but he’s been dancing since high school. He started teaching Ballroom and Latin in 2016; his focus is social Latin. In addition to teaching dance, he is a medical interpreter at the Goshen Hospital.




Emily Wenger

Emily Wenger has wanted to dance since she was young. She began teaching in February 2017 with a focus on Ballroom and West Coast Swing.